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If your partner has developed a snoring problem, this is more than an irritation that keeps you up at night. Frequent snoring can strain a relationship and cause partners to sleep apart. We can help you both sleep better by providing custom snoring treatment that addresses the source of the nightly habit.

Snoring is the result of a collapsed airway that restricts air flow and causes vibrations along the soft palate and the throat. While snoring can be annoying to others, a larger issue is that it can cause serious effects as a result of poor sleep. Side effects of snoring include irritability, fatigue, poor concentration, difficulty learning, memory loss, lower libido and depression. Poor sleep is also associated with fluctuating weight control and cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure.

Many people assume that poor sleep posture is the reason for snoring, and while this can be a factor, there are many causes of snoring. Allergies, a small jaw and the use of sedation or alcohol consumption can also result in snoring. It’s important to take snoring seriously, as it may be a sign of an undiagnosed medical disorder such as sleep apnea, which can create additional concerns and problems.

Seeking treatment for snoring can dramatically enhance your quality of life. If needed, we can provide custom-made orthopedic oral appliances to prevent snoring and address symptoms of sleep apnea or disorders with the TMJ.

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