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Keeping out oral bacteria which attacks tooth enamel is essential for the protection of the teeth in the back of the mouth. These teeth, or molars, are particularly vulnerable to decay because of how hard they are to reach and clean. And unfortunately, their chewing surfaces are ideal for hiding bacterial plaque. Their rough, uneven surfaces easily harbor damaging dental plaque.


You can help your daily brushing and flossing efforts by having your dentist apply dental sealants on your molars. These sealants coat the tooth enamel surface with a thin layer of plastic to prevent acids from wearing down the enamel and creating tiny holes in it. As acids penetrate tooth enamel and attack the softer dentin layer beneath, they can make their way to the tooth pulp, attack the nerves and roots, and destroy the tooth.


But dental sealants can not only stop cavities from developing in the first place, they can halt the progression of early decay. And their track records back this up. Studies show that people who have dental sealant protection on their molars have reduced cavities in those teeth by 80%! Also, the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that children of school age who have dental sealants on their molars have three times fewer cavities than their unprotected peers.


If you had any doubts about the effectiveness of dental sealants on molars, we hope we have addressed them. If your smile has a history of cavities, we invite you to talk to our dentist about sealants. Please call our Family Dental Care of Dothan team at 334-792-5711, and let Dr. Keith Blackmon help you keep your smile cavity-free in Dothan, Alabama!